The Laughing Cow

Discover our selection of delicious snacks made with real cheese. They combine a smooth and creamy taste with the nutritious goodness of cheese. Plus, since they are individually wrapped, you only need to take a few seconds out of your busy day* to unwrap one, bite in it and melt with pleasure! No need for a complicated or fancy setup to enjoy these delicious treats.
*There are 86,400 seconds in a day. Why not take a few for yourself?

We know all about balanced portions!
It’s an undeniable fact that our small portions are a good choice for healthy eating. It’s a lot easier to keep track of how many you’ve had thanks to the practical individual portions or small trays! Our small cheeses keep well in the fridge, and because they’re individually wrapped, none will go to waste. They’re a sensible choice for controlling your calories while getting all the calcium you need.

Varieties for every taste!
Whatever the occasion, there’s a Laughing Cow cheese for every taste, craving and family member. You prefer the classics? Go for the softness of the Original or Light. You like stronger flavours? Awaken your taste buds with Garlic & Herbs, Smoked Cheese or Jalapeño.