The Laughing Cow Jalapeño

  • Made with real cheese
  • No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives added
  • Perfect on crackers for a simple and nutritious snack
  • 25 calories per triangle
  • Made in Quebec

Spice up your life with The Laughing Cow Jalapeño.

Surprise your taste buds with this spicy version of our triangle cheese.

Authentic, delicious, versatile and smooth—everything you love about The Laughing Cow—plus a pinch of pepperiness to pep up your day.

Enjoy the same soft texture that made our other flavours so appreciated by households across the world. Its unique taste will spice up your improvised snacks.

Got a burning desire to try it? Go ahead and be surprised by its tasty recipe.

Available in formats of 8 Portions, 32 Portions


— Modified milk ingredients
— Cheeses (pasteurized milk, modified milk ingredients
— Bacterial culture
— Salt
— Calcium chloride
— Microbial enzyme)
— Sodium phosphates
— Citric acid (acidity regulator)
— Jalapeno peppers