The Laughing Cow Original

  • Made with real cheese
  • No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives added
  • Perfect on a cracker for a simple and nutritious snack
  • Produced in Quebec

Smooth, creamy and tasty, The Laughing Cow Original is no ordinary cheese snack.

Rediscover its incomparable flavour and texture today! The smooth and creamy taste has always put a smile on the face of folks of all ages! Enjoy a triangle by spreading it over toasts or find the perfect recipe in our list of snack ideas.

The Laughing Cow means good fun, good cheer and great memories, every time!

Available in formats of 8 Portions, 16 portions, 24 Portions, 32 Portions


— Modified milk ingredients
— Cheeses (pasteurized milk, modified milk ingredients, salt, bacterial culture, calcium chloride, microbial enzyme)
— Sodium phosphates
— Citric acid
— Salt
— Contains: Milk